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(Testimony of Roy H. , Special Agent, Kellerman)

Mr. Specter.
Yes, Your Honor; the witnesses are to be Roy Kellerman of the Secret Service, William R. Greer of the Secret Service, Clinton Hill, also of the Secret Service, and Rufus Youngblood, representative of the Secret Service.
The Chairman.
Very well, gentlemen; you know the purpose of the meeting, and we will call first, Mr. who?
Mr. Specter.
Mr. Kellerman is our first witness.
The Chairman.
Mr. Kellerman. Gentlemen, I want to announce that today it will be necessary for me to spend practically all of the morning with the Supreme Court, and in my absence Congressman Ford will conduct the hearing today because he can be here practically all the time. I will be here in and out throughout the day, however.
Congressman Ford, will you take over please?
Representative Ford.
Thank you very much, Mr. Chairman.
The Chairman.
Will you proceed? I believe the first thing is to swear the witness.
Mr. Specter.
Very good, sir.
Representative Ford.
Do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, so help you God?
Mr. Kellerman.
I do, sir.
Mr. Specter.
Will you state your full name for the record, please?
Mr. Kellerman.
My name is Roy H. Kellerman.
Mr. Specter.
By whom are you employed, Mr. Kellerman?
Mr. Kellerman.
I am employed as a special agent for the Secret Service.
Mr. Specter.
How old are you?
Mr. Kellerman.
I a 48 years old.
Mr. Specter.
Mr. Kellerman.
Mr. Specter.
Are you married?
Mr. Kellerman.
Yes, sir; I am married and have two daughters; their ages are 20 and 17.
Mr. Specter.
Where do you reside?
Mr. Kellerman.
Bethesda, Md.
Mr. Specter.
What is your current duty station with the Secret Service?
Mr. Kellerman.
My current duty station is assistant special agent in charge of the White House detail.
Mr. Specter.
How long have you been with the Secret Service?
Mr. Kellerman.
This is my 23d year.
Mr. Specter.
Will you sketch in a general outline what your duties have been with the Secret Service since the time you started with them, please?
Mr. Kellerman.
I was appointed an agent with the Secret Service in Detroit, Mich., the 19th of December 1941. I was transferred to Washington, D.C., the field office, on February 9, 1942. Prior to that I had a 30-day assignment in the office of Cincinnati, Ohio, temporarily. I worked in the Washington field office from the 9th of February 1942 until the middle of March 1942, whereby I was temporarily transferred to the White House detail. This transfer became permanent, effective, I believe it was, the 17th of April or the latter part of April in 1942, still as a special agent.
At the White House detail we work on shifts around the clock protecting the President and his family. I was a member of one of those three shifts. Presently, these shifts change on a two-weekly basis, from 8 to 4, 4 to midnight, and midnight to 8. I remained on the White House detail until February 7, 1951, when I was transferred to Indianapolis, Ind. Prior to that time I had received enough seniority whereby I grew up on this shift from the bottom to the top, and was in charge of one of the shifts prior to my departure to Indianapolis. This was fieldwork in Indiana.
On February 1. 1955. I was transferred back to the White House detail. On my return I was comparable to like, let's say, the No. 2 man of a shift. I was not in charge of it.
From 1955, I believe a couple of years later a vacancy occurred, a top man of that shift left and I received his position. That title was assistant to the special
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